Plumbing Solutions has been in the plumbing business providing solutions for builders and developers building new single and new multi-family homes since March of 1996. Our portfolio has included projects as large as 140 apartment units. We have worked with light commercial needs to include restaurants, printing companies, urgent care facilities, medical offices, and Discount Drug Marts.

As our business continues to grow and develop, we have begun providing service to homeowners who are interested in remodeling, restoration, and renovation for special needs customers.

Do you need a showroom to work with your clients? We have a great working relationship with Eastway, Fergusons, Carr Supply, and P&F Bathworks. Our experts are great resources to assist your customers through their plumbing selections and relieve some of your own associates’ time. Our services go unsurpassed within the industry and are available to you with no additional fees.

Our references include the following but are not limited to: Dwain Lee Architects, Andrews Architects, Rockford Homes, William Fannin Builders, Casto Communities, Diyanni Homes, Miles McClellan, Olympus Homes, Premier Homes, Andrew Builders. Plus the builders with portfolios on our website here: M/I Homes, Rockford Homes, Memmer Homes, Price Custom Homes, DiYanni Homes, and Arcaro & LaRussa Co.

Our philosophy of building long-term relationships with customers through providing quality service at a fair price has led to our consistent growth and great reputation within the industry. We look forward to developing and working with new customers. We are here provide you a service of excellence!

About the Owners

Plumbing Solutions began as a partnership in 1996 and has been solely owned by John Baldridge since 2006. With a focus primarily as a contractor for residential new-build homes over the last 10 years, we’ve expanded our services now the general public.

Having managed a number of successful businesses in the past in both Columbus (and in New Orleans!), John and his wife, Dee, now run the day-to-day operations of Plumbing Solutions, doing everything they can to ensure 100% customer satisfaction for both new build and renovation projects.

Their blended family of children also includes “a boatload” of grandchildren to keep them busy and smiling. John’s and Dee’s hobbies vary a bit. She loves to read and John likes to get out and golf as much as he can. John also has a passion for watching college football. “Love my Buckeyes,” He says.

Mission Statement

The goal of our company shall be, to provide good service to our customers, be prompt when scheduled for a job, be neat on the job, and conduct a safe workplace, to install plumbing systems in a workmanlike manner equal to or better than the standards set by our competition.

I believe that today even more importantly than in past, today’s contractor must be eager, ready to go above what might be expected of him or his company. We will show pride in our workmanship, work well with each other, check each other to make sure we are doing our best, test our final product and then retest the final product, not try to find blame but resolve. Then Plumbing Solutions will be successful in a most competitive market.

This is also my belief. I will show respect, I will work with the attitude that we are a better team than the competition; I will continue to search for quality people to be part of our team.